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Lorraine MacKay

I studied English Literature at Edinburgh University and became a teacher after graduating. I moved to Cumbria with my husband and had our son, but due to health problems, I no longer work. My memory is adversely affected and it is not always easy for me to remember words, and so I am hoping that I can fully express myself in writing, where there is the luxury of time, and editing.

Today we have flowers

Suck down the nectar 

Let the sweetness register, hold it to your lips

Like a dying man in the desert, 

Press a petal against your skin,

Marvel at the silk soft summer strength of it.

The pollen will stain your hands and make you sneeze,

But that is what it does-it has a job to do.

Remove the black shrivelled scorched pod firmly.

It is full of tiny seeds –like eggs waiting to be born,

Remove them, roughly.

They are the threat.

They must replace the snaking stem

 Clinging to the sun -blushed wall

and the swaying pastel colours of the flowers.

They are next year’s news.

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