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Jill Faux

I think fragile eyesight has always made me very conscious of beauty in nature. The rhythm of the seasons and changing landscapes fascinate me. Since retiring following an accident I have enjoyed learning to look and see more clearly and then trying to express what I feel and see. Both being a member of Mungrisdale Writers and becoming a granny six times over in 8 years have accelerated this process and I am looking forward to perhaps publishing some of my writing which has so far been purely for me and the family.

Winter's Dog Days

last month in winter's dog days

when light was a miracle we blessed

buried somewhere deep in our hearts

we knew that skies would brighten

and rain no more pour down

that spring would come full blast

with clear skies and the power to shock

the sun will warm us with force

piercing the cold wet of the earth

stirring the unseen seeds of hope

into life with its full blown glory

dazzling our minds with the beauty

only nature can bring to fruition

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